Beans 2021

Beans 2021

It is time to update our recent news and compile everything into one post.

Recently our production was busy processing the beans and getting it ready for planting. Debris, split beans and other admixtures were removed, also we calibrated some lots to further boost the chances of good harvest.

The next and final step before actually putting the beans into the ground was treating the beans. For that, mobile treating station was ordered and arrived just in time to get the beans ready. Well tested and proven grain protection agents were applied.

In our humble estimates no drastic changes will appear on the market of beans in 2021 and farmers will plant no more than 10% extra to the total of 2020. We reviewed the market numbers in our previous news articles, so everybody interested is welcome to check them out. 

Gold Exim in partnership will cultivate two kinds of beans: Navy beans and small black beans. Another point worth mentioning is that Navies will be represented by both conventional and organic type!

Seeds are ready, fields are as well. Humidity level of the soil is also much better than it was last year, thanks to more rainfall and proper snows during the winter time. So far, everything looks quite good.

To be continued...