Rapeseeds from GoldExim

Rapeseeds for oil and biofuel production.

About rapeseed

Rapeseed – (Brassica napus), is an annual plant that has a long and thin taproot which is usually 30-100 cm tall. There is also a Canola variety which is currently popular among Canadian farmers. Rape seed is widely known as rape which is cultivated mainly for its seeds that are oil rich. Rapeseed seeds in bulk are supplied from Ukraine to powerful processing plants in the EU.

Rapeseed is the third largest source of vegetable oil in the world, with palm and soybeans taking the first two spots. 95% of all Ukrainian rapeseeds is a winter crop, mainly because our climate better suits winter varieties hence better yields, quality and higher oil content. Speaking of yields, over the past 20 years our farmers increased the number from 1 ton from 1 hectare up to 2,5-3 tons/ha.


  • Humidity: 7-8%

  • Purity: 98%

  • Harvesting time: July

  • HS Code: 12051090

Areas of rapeseed use

Rapeseed is the third largest source of vegetable oil in the world, with palm and soybeans taking the first two spots.

Two main areas of use include edible oil production and production of biofuels. Rapeseed oil is almost flavorless, however it has slightly nutty flavor and contains alpha-linolenic acid as well as fundamental Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Rape seeds are used for human and animal consumption as well as bird feed. Besides food industry, rapeseed is also used in metallurgical, textile industries; leather and soap production.

After rapeseeds oil extraction there is a meal as a byproduct which can be used for fodder as it is protein rich and can compete with soybean meal. Rapeseeds are sometimes grown by farmers as a green manure and cover crop.

Rapeseed oil can be used as diesel fuel, biodiesel - straight or blended with petroleum distillates.

The export of Rapeseed from GoldEхim

Ukraine holds the second place of rapeseed exports worldwide. The majority of Ukrainian rapeseeds in bulk goes to the EU countries with up to 70-80% of it being used for biofuels production.

GoldExim Ltd. is one of Ukrainian leading rapeseed suppliers. All rape seeds in bulk that we supply come from controlled cultivation areas. Thanks to our local presence and good relations with farmers across Ukraine we can offer you safe and high-quality product at competitive price. Our main customers are rapeseed oil extraction plants across the EU. We can easily supply in bulk by road and sea transport.

Wholesale rapeseed prices

Rapeseed price forecast shows that price will gradually grow over the next couple of years due to various factors such as growing rapeseed oil and meal consumption, increased transportation rates and the development of biodiesel production. Prices are projected to register an annual growth rate of over 3% during the next 3-5 years.

What we do

We cover the entire supply chain from the farm gate to the customer.

We supply our customers with quality agricultural commodities sourced directly from producers.

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With our own processing facilities, we can process products to the exact specifications of our consumers.

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Our storage and handling assets ensure that produce maintains its quality.

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We use a variety of packaging that helps us deliver products in the most convenient way without any loss.

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We offer premium seed at competitive rates that deliver results.

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Our team is experienced in international trade procedures.

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