Our main vision is to develop the perfect grain quality solution for our partners. And therefore, to be in line with our goals and priorities we are actively preparing for the upcoming season. 

At the beginning of April 2021, a number of improvements were carried out in our production line. We installed new equipment for cleaning and polishing of pulses at our premises. Thanks to the modernization, the quality of products will increase as well as the lead time of future orders. 

This technical upgrade of our production line became the next step in the process of its improvement. We plan to make several important upgrades in the nearest feature. These planned changings are dedicated to improving qualitative and quantitative indicators of our performance. 

The new polishing machine is designed to ensure the best possible quality of our products and resolve the problem of dirty, stained (dusty) beans (grains), which was a little bit of a snag due to the natural characteristic and peculiarities of Ukrainian chernozem - a black-colored soil which stains the appearance of goods. The most striking difference is after processing coloured beans, on white it is not so apparent. On the picture you can see and judge "before/after" for yourself.

The production capacity of our new polishing machine is around 3 tons/hour. It is able to process almost all kinds of pulses like beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, etc. 

We are ready to start a new season well-armed and fully equipped, after all planned technical improvements and modernizations.

Top performance, reliable operational process and satisfied customers – are our main values and goals.