Pulses and Oilseeds Processing

Efficiency in every step of Processing

We provide our services in the facility equipped with modern production line that is designed with pulses processing in mind and enough storage capacity to store up to 5000 tons of raw materials and final products.

Intake and pre-cleaning

Raw materials can be unloaded straight from grain carriers with the speed of up to 30 tons/h and promptly taken for initial cleaning to avoid deterioration of the goods that can be caused by different impurities (e.g. stems, leaves, mudballs etc.).


A total space of over 2500 sq. meters is dedicated for safe storing capacity. Mostly we store our products in big bags to guarantee tracebility and avoid cross-contamination.

Cleaning and calibrating

Carefully selected modern equipment by leading manufacturers is used for cleaning, with Z-type elevators connecting every step to make sure the goods are treated gently and with care.

Optical sorting

Our optical sorting is represented by gold standard of the industry – Bühler SORTEX and competent workers with 10+ years of experience processing pulses, oil seeds and other products.


Sometimes the final product lacks that final touch before shipment to the customers and that is where polishing machine comes on stage. We polish some of our products to provide extra great looks when it is needed.


We pack our final products into a variety of different packaging options starting from 10 kg polypropylene or kraft (paper) bags to 1 ton p/p big bags with private labels and custom prints if necessary.

Our advantages

Managing our pulses product line from the ground up till the final packaging. We closely cooperate with the farmers and cultivate in partnership our beans line-up providing all the necessary support to get the best possible end results.

Efficient processing and managing. Our team will get you quality services from the very start of co-operation and will keep on improving by learning your requirements.

Swift and convenient logistics. We are located in the western part of Ukraine, which enables us to deliver our products to the EU within a couple of days by road. Railroad and sea options are also available for bulk shipments.

Experience. Over the years we've had lots of it and we are ready to share our best with you.