General information

This policy states what personal information and data Gold Exim, Ltd. collects from its users, why, how and for what purposes we use, process, operate and keep it private.

Data classification

Gold Exim, Ltd. can process different types of data that has relation to you when you visit our webpage (

  • 1) Automatically collected information regarding how you access our webpage:
    • - Device type;
    • - Browser and its activity / browsing history;
    • - IP address;
    • - Identification of cookies.
  • 2) Information that is voluntary submitted by you in case you sign up for our news updates or when you fill out contact form on our webpage.

Purposes of data processing

Automatically collected data that has relation to you can be used for statistical, analytical, functional, or marketing purposes in order to optimize and improve content and online user experience of our webpage.

Data that is voluntary submitted by you using specific web forms is processed and collected for purposes that are related respectively to filled out web forms (newsletters, updates, special offers).

Please see the “Third Party Services” section below for more information on purposes such third parties process data when you access our webpage.

Data Recipients

All data information that is retrieved from our webpage for above mentioned purposes can be disclosed to and processed by Gold Exim, Ltd. Furthermore, Gold Exim, Ltd can use various service providers to perform certain activities on its behalf (e.g. data analysis and storage). For above mentioned purposes, such service providers can get access to the data. In this regards Gold Exim, Ltd. ensures that data processed by such service providers is protected and couldn’t be used for other purposes. Please, check the “Additional Information” section to get more information on service providers, that may have access to the data related to you and which is collected by Gold Exim, Ltd.

Except above mentioned cases, all data generated or gathered by Gold Exim, Ltd. (real names of legal entities or individuals, etc.) can be shared only in anonymous form, will not be used and are subject to removal or replacement by fictitious or unreal identifiers).

Please, check the “Third Party Services” section to get more information on how and for what purposes third parties process data that has relation to you in regards to our web page.

Legal Basis and Consent

By submitting data using the web form on our webpage, you give your consent by a clear affirmative act establishing informed and unambiguous agreement to the processing of personal data relating to you for the purposes identified in relation to respectful form by electronic means.

In cases data that has relation to you is used without Gold Exim, Ltd. having asked your consent, the legal basis for processing and collection of such data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation and for above mentioned purposes followed by Gold Exim, Ltd. according to a balance of interests. The legal basis for data processing is considered in order not to neglect your fundamental rights and freedoms or interests.

Data Storage and Security

All the data that has relation to you that is generated or gathered by Gold Exim, Ltd. from our webpage will not be retained longer than it is needed for above mentioned purposes. Gold Exim, Ltd. and its service providers have implemented organizational and technical measures to guarantee security level that is appropriate to the risks related nature of data collection and processing.

These measures:

  • 1. guarantee that only authorized personnel other than those requiring access to such data can have access to the data;
  • 2. ensure that all authorized personnel and those requiring access to such data are subject to commitments to keep the data secured and confidential;
  • 3. protect the data against unauthorized access and disclosure;
  • 4. ensure that data is protected against unlawful or accidental alteration, destruction or loss.

All the data that has relation to you that is generated or gathered by Gold Exim, Ltd. from our webpage will mainly be kept in Ukraine considering all the purposes and including all the above-mentioned restrictions can be sent to any location from where you visit our webpage, where Gold Exim, Ltd. is located and where Gold Exim’s service providers operate.

In any other case if it is necessary for the usage of services that you may request, data can be sent from Ukraine, or other territories and countries that the EU Commission has verified to guarantee an appropriate level of personal data security.

In order to ensure the data is sufficiently protected, Gold Exim, Ltd. will apply additional security measures to territories and countries that don’t guarantee adequate security level, (e.g. the EU Commission Decision 2010/87/EC of Feb 5, 2010). Please, check the “Additional Information” section, to get information about territories and countries that data is sent to and which security measures we’ve been implementing in these regards.

Third Party Services

All third-party services indicated below are used to collect statistic information from our web page and manage targeted advertisements. The third-party service providers collect statistic information that has relation to you for the in order to provide services to Gold Exim, Ltd. And only Gold Exim, Ltd. has full access to statistic information in finalized format.

Google Analytics ( is mainly used to analyze how visitors of our web page interact with its content. Google Analytics uses cookies to understand behaviour of our visitors. The data is collected and processed by Google Inc. After that Google Inc. provides to us reports about your activity on our web page. Such reports are used by Gold Exim, Ltd. for above mentioned purposes. Kindly check Google’s Privacy Policy ( to get more information on why Google Inc. may process data that has relation to you. To turn off Google Analytics you have to install the add-on for your browser and visit (

Additional Information

Subject to limitations under applicable law, you have the right to:

  • - ask for data processed and collected by Gold Exim, Ltd. or its third-party service providers that has relation to you;
  • - get access to such information which has to be provided by Gold Exim, Ltd. in organized, classified and readable form;
  • - ask Gold Exim, Ltd. to amend, edit, update or delete information that has relation to you in case it is unlawful, confusing, outdated or incorrect;
  • - object to processing and gathering of information that has relation to you on legitimate grounds under applicable data protection legislation;
  • - withdraw any consent given by you regarding processing of information that has relation to you.

In case you think that collection and processing of personal information that has relation to you violates applicable data protection legislation, you can submit a complaint to relevant supervisory authority.

All inquiries regarding processing of information that has relation to you should be submitted to Gold Exim, Ltd. at the following address (

Data Protection

Gold Exim, Ltd. (Legal address: 21 Podilska st., 29013 Khmelnytskyi – Ukraine) is the “moderator” of data processed by Gold Exim, Ltd. or its third party service providers on our webpage.

To contact the Data Protection specialist of Gold Exim, Ltd,, please send a letter to the above mentioned address with attention “Data Protection”.

Updates of this Policy

Additional functions may be applied to the websites anytime. Gold Exim, Ltd. will update this Policy in order to inform how and why we will process information regarding to these functions. Gold Exim, Ltd. may also update this Privacy Policy to provide additional purposes of data processing in relation to our webpage.