Export of agricultural products

GoldExim, Ltd. is a worldwide supplier of agricultural products. We specialize in exporting different types of beans, grains and oilseeds.

From Ukraine to the world

Having established strong relationships with the top farmers across Ukraine, we can ensure that our customers get high-quality products at favorable prices. We take care that our products are securely delivered to buyers worldwide.

What we do

We cover the entire supply chain from the farm gate to the customer.

We supply our customers with quality agricultural commodities sourced directly from producers.

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With our own processing facilities, we can process products to the exact specifications of our consumers.

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Our storage and handling assets ensure that produce maintains its quality.

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We use a variety of packaging that helps us deliver products in the most convenient way without any loss.

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We offer premium seed at competitive rates that deliver results.

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Our team is experienced in international trade procedures.

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Our advantages

We strive to be the best in the agricultural industry by constantly improving all processes.

Products directly from farms

We source grains, beans and oilseeds from local producers.

Quality products

We cooperate with the top Ukrainian farmers to provide our customers with the produce of the highest quality.

Fast order and shipment

We provide excellent customer service and fast shipment. Our strong logistics network enables us to oversee our commodities at all stages.

Individual approach
to each client

We do our best to meet our clients’ specific needs.


What are the types of white beans?


What are the types of white beans?

Types of white beans (Cannellini, Navy Beans, Pea Beans, Haricot Beans, Large White Beans, Baby Lima Beans and other) and features of each type.

Export of white beans from Ukraine.


The Best Suppliers and Producers of white Beans in Europe
Top-10 Rapeseed Producing Countries in 2022


Top-10 Rapeseed Producing Countries in 2022

Rapeseed is an annual plant which is cultivated mainly for its seeds that have high oil content.  It is also known as, rape (Brassica napus), oilseed rape. Rapeseeds is one of the biggest sources of vegetable oil and protein meal and used for human and animal consumption.