Trading and Marketing Your Pulse Crops

Pulse Crops are our experience and expertise

As one of leading Ukrainian suppliers of pulses, oils seeds and other agricultural commodities we source our products worldwide. Our main products include beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas as well as mustard seeds, flaxseeds and millet that are used in a variety of value-added products made by food industry.

Our strongest suit

Among the products where our company has a strong position is our pulses range and some mustard seeds. Pulses are #1 alternative source of protein that are overall good for both consumers and our planet.


The majority of volumes that we supply goes to white pea beans or Navy beans. It is being widely used in canning industry and also by distribution companies for packaging. Can be milled and used in baking and confectionary industries.


The production of lentils is not that strong in Ukraine, but we still manage to provide high quality product for our distributors and canneries. Most popular is brown (red) lentil variety commonly supplied to processing companies.


Kabuli type chickpeas are the prevalent type with sizes of 7 to 9 mm that are mostly cultivated in Ukraine. The geography of sales lies mostly among Middle Eastern countries where it is being used for humus production, in canning or confectionary industries.


Another cheap and great plant-based protein source. Widely used in canning and also for animal feed production. Recently there was an increasing demand by food processors for production of plant-based protein later to be used in plant-based meet substitutes (e.g., Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, etc.).

Mustard Seeds

There are three major types in Ukraine: yellow, oriental and brown mustard seeds. The first one is of mild taste and is extremely popular in sauce production (Dijon mustard); oriental is hot and spicy, mostly used for flour production and oil extraction as well as an ingredient by some spice blending houses for its hot, pungent properties; and the latter one is often used for course varieties of mustard, also in whole grain sauces with pungent flavour.

Our producers

We are located in the western part of Ukraine where the majority of small-to-large producers cultivate their crops. This is how we can efficiently co-operate and frequently visit our trusted suppliers throughout the whole cycle of production and build long-lasting strong relationships.

Our assets

Our experienced team is dedicated to provide the exact quality and specifications our customers expect. Production facility and offices are located at one address ensuring highly efficient communication and consistently reliable output, where every step of the product’s journey is closely monitored.

Our consumers

We source our products to food manufacturers, distributors, consumer products processors, importers, government institutions, HoReCa industry and animal feed manufacturers domestically and all around the world while sustaining quality and traceability at every stage of the process.

Cooperation with GoldExim is always profitable and reliable