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Sunflower seeds for oil production.

The production of sunflower seeds in Ukraine

Sunflower seed – an annual plant with a long (170-230 cm) and thick taproot. Seeds are harvested from its head. Among common types of sunflower seeds there are oil, high oleic and linoleic sunflower seeds, the main difference of which is primarily in fat content. It is not uncommon for grain elevators in Ukraine to mix all varieties together and then discharge sunflower seeds in bulk.

In 2021 the global production of bulk sunflower seeds exceeded 50 mln tons. Ukraine holds one of the leading places with a quarter of global sunflower seed production. Sunflower seeds Ukraine is by far the most popular oil seed commodity of the country. Thanks to consistent demand from numerous domestic oil plants and exports, it remains to be among the best choices for the local farmers. Mostly cultivated in the southern and central parts of Ukraine because of its resistivness to dry and hot weather, which is prevalent in those regions.


  • Humidity: 7-8%

  • Purity: 97-98%

  • Harvesting time: September

  • HS Code: 12060099

Common use of sunflower seeds

Most of the seeds are used for sunflower oil production which is extracted from sunflower seeds. Ukraine is the №1 producer of sunflower oil in the world with almost 6 mln tons of oil produced annually.

This oil is one of the most popular worldwide and is used as a frying oil in food and as a skin protecting element in cosmetic industry. Being the one of the largest sources of vegetable oil and protein meal, sunflower seeds are used for human and animal consumption. Sunflower seed meal left after oil extraction has high protein content and is widely used as a feed for animals and is a good fertilizer. It can be used as a dietary supplement as well as a fuel when mixed with diesel to run diesel engines.

Sunflower seeds raw are mainly eaten by humans when dried or roasted. They can be added to baked goods and are highly valued for their taste and flavor.

It has many various uses but among those we can't miss to note how crucial it is also for honey production.

Buying sunflower seeds and wholesale price

Buying sunflower seeds in bulk from Ukraine is made easy with GoldExim. We will help you to buy sunflower seeds in bulk and bring an authentic sunflower oil to the table of your customers. Being one of the leading Ukrainian sunflower seeds suppliers here at GoldExim we are striving to offer the finest product for your production. Our close cooperation and coordination with local farmers help us to ensure that these efforts are successful.

Sunflower seed price forecast shows that prices are growing due to various factors such as war between Ukraine and russia that has already led to more than 50 % decrease in global supply capability, growing sunflower oil and meal consumption, increased transportation rates. That made an impact on sunflower seed futures which have reached all time high levels.

This market has seen an extraordinary growth over the last couple of years. Despite COVID-19, demand for sunflower oil along with the sunflower seeds price per ton increased significantly.

Considering all these factors, the wholesale sunflower seeds market price is projected to register an annual growth rate of more than 4% during the next 5 years with some deep up and down spikes.

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