GPC: Ukraine Market Outlook. Beans.

GPC: Ukraine Market Outlook. Beans.

The ongoing covid19 pandemic propelled forward various web call services up to a point that whole conferences had to adjust and change their regular format by switching to online.

Last week our company took part in the conference – «Ukraine: Market Outlook» held by Global Pulse Confederation and dedicated to World Pulses Day. Different speakers and specialists were discussing the prospects and opportunities for Ukraine in the market of pulses.

Here are the key moments of the webinar about beans:

· According to the latest information, the production of beans in Ukraine amounted to 80 thousand tons in 2020/21 MY, which is 20% more than the previous season.

· Beans are mainly cultivated in the western part of Ukraine due to the favourable weather conditions, from 35 to 40% of all sown areas dedicated to beans are here. Another less significant bonus is the proximity to the border with EU. Ukraine exports 70% of its beans to the European countries.

· Since beans have the highest profitability of all pulses in Ukraine, the planting area for this crop has been steadily increasing since 2018 and experts estimate that it will be increased by another 10-15% in 21/22 MY.

· The market is slowly evolving, but not totally mature, many mistakes are being made during cultivation and harvesting that may lead to inconsistent quality. Some speakers suggested an idea about farmer unions to improve communication and exchanging of experience.

· And the last point, which was surprising for us to hear, that Ukraine claimed to be one of the most rapidly developing producers of organic pulses in EU.

Next in line we will share the most interesting moments about Ukrainian chickpeas. Stay tuned.