As of the of April 22nd there are 1.99 mln. laboratory confirmed cases of the disease in Ukraine. 1,53 mln. people recovered, 41,2 thsd. people died. 

In response to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended the emergency regime, which was introduced earlier due to the coronavirus pandemic, until June 30. At least until that time, the adaptive quarantine will also be in effect. Quarantine measures will include the following restrictions:

-Closure of cinemas, theaters, museums, and other cultural establishment

-Closure of shopping malls and stores except for grocery stores, pharmacies, pet stores, shops selling hygiene products and household chemical

-No religious services, public and sport events

-Limitation of restaurant, cafes, and catering establishments’ operations to “takeaway” mode only

-Beauty salons will operate by appointment only

-Spring break starts early in schools, kindergartens will continue to operate as usual

-Public transportation will work as usual – but with max 50% of seat occupancy

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

The Ukrainian government has approved the use of AstraZeneca/Covishield, Sinovac Biotech, and Pfizer vaccines in Ukraine. Vaccinations are currently ongoing, and more information on availability and vaccination priorities can be found on the following sites: and

Due to the latest information about the vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine, there are 491 875 people who received 1 dose.

There is no ban on entry to Ukraine for foreign citizens. Regular international passenger service has been renewed. Citizens of other countries need to have negative test result, an insurance policy that covers the cost of treatment COVID-19.

Despite all the quarantine measures and governmental restrictions, we continue operating to satisfy all the need of our customers and partners.