World Pulses Day is a global event aimed to raise awareness about the multiple benefits of pulses and recognize the contribution of pulses to sustainable food systems and healthy diets.

Importance of Pulses:

Nutritional Value. Pulses are packed with nutrients and have a high protein content, making them an ideal source of protein particularly in regions where meat and dairy are not physically or economically accessible. Pulses are low in fat and rich in soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol and help in the control of blood sugar. 

Food Security. For farmers, pulses are an important crop because they can both sell them and consume them, which helps farmers maintain household food security and creates economic stability.

Environmental Benefits. The nitrogen-fixing properties of pulses improve soil fertility, which increases and extends the productivity of the farmland. Furthermore, pulses can contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing dependence on the synthetic fertilizers used to introduce nitrogen artificially into the soil. Greenhouse gases are released during the manufacturing and application of these fertilizers, and their overuse can be detrimental to the environment.

What to Do on This Day, here are our suggestions: 

- Cook pulses of your choice on this day. How about some protein rich Navy beans or chickpeas?  

- Spread awareness of the health benefits of pulses in your neighborhood and social network. 

- Go pulses shopping! Or contact Gold Exim Ltd., just place the order and fill your containers with pulses of various kinds.

- Resolve to eat at least one bowl of pulses daily or alternate day or a minimum of twice a week. 

- You can have a pulses party where you can cook a variety of dishes and have a protein blast!