Chickpea Market Overview & Forecast

Chickpea Market Overview & Forecast

International chickpea markets were unchanged in relatively steady trading interest during Nov. 2020. Although this year has seen some interesting shifts in global trading patterns.

Turkey emerged as one of the most important exporters and importers of chickpeas during 2020, with exports running about 82,000 MT.

Export shipments of chickpeas from Australia during this year are at the level of 351,227 MT, that is 5% down compared to the last year. Exporters remain hopeful that India will reduce import duties on chickpeas in an effort to reduce food prices to urban consumers.

Russia's export of chickpeas so far totaled at the level of 234,004 MT, that is 5% down compared to the last year.

Most sellers on international chickpea markets believe that prices will trend upward because of limited availability of large caliber kabuli product.

Large inventories of small caliber kabuli are having an impact on trading levels and competition for available demand in destinations such as India, Pakistan, and Turkey.

The global chickpeas market attained a volume of nearly 13.2 million tons in 2019. The industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.5% between 2020 and 2025 to reach a volume of 14.4 million tons by 2025.