Updates and forecasts of grain harvest and exports in 2020/21 MY

Updates and forecasts of grain harvest and exports in 2020/21 MY

The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) updated the forecast of grains – 2020/21 harvest from the level of 92.6 to 94 mln tonnes. At the same time, the expectations of grain and oilseed exports also increased — from 55.6 to 57.2 mln tonnes.

In particular, the forecast of wheat harvest and exports in the new MY will reach 25.8 mln tonnes.

The harvest of corn is expected to be like 36.8 mln tonnes, and 30 mln tonnes will be exported. Thus, in 2020/21 MY Ukraine will break its own record of the current MY, when the harvest of corn totaled 35.2 mln tonnes, and nearly 28.5 mln tonnes were exported.

The UGA lowered the forecast of barley harvest to 6.8 mln tonnes, as well as the exports to 3.5 mln tonnes.

The pea crop in 2020/21 MY is expected to reach 628 thousand tons. This figure is 10% higher than the production volume in the previous MY, but nevertheless, it is 15% less than the average for 4 previous seasons.

The export potential of the Ukrainian pea market in 2020/21 MY is predicted to be around 450 thousand tons, which is 7% higher than the previous season.

In particular, agrarians harvested 33.6 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 9.5 mln ha, with the yield of 3.55 t/ha. Also, Russia harvested 4.7 mln tonnes of barley throughout 1.4 mln ha, with the yield of 3.29 t/ha.

Agrarians continued harvesting winter rapeseed, and as of July 23, the areas reached 174.5 thsd ha. The production volumes reached 367.6 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 2.11 t/ha.