Records & Forecasts

Records & Forecasts

As the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture reports, the 2019/20 MY (marketing year) ended with a new historical record - 56.7 million tons of grains and pulses were exported to foreign markets from Ukraine.

It is 7.2 million tons more than in the previous MY, when around 50 million tons of commodities were exported, namely:

- corn: 30.3 million tons;

- wheat and a mixture of wheat and rye: 20.5 million tons;

- barley: 5.08 million tons;

- rye:  8.2 thousand tons;

- other cereals and pulses: 791 thousand tons.

The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture predicted that in 2020 the harvest would be 7-10 million tons or 10-15% less than in 2019 due to spring frosts in May, 2020.

Later, the Ministry of Economy improved the grain harvest forecast to 65-68 million tons. As the development of grain crops accelerated in June due to the high temperatures.

But the excessive June-July rains caused really unfavorable conditions for development of early grain crops in western regions. The rains and flood water damaged and ruined a lot of crops in many western regions of Ukraine.

Whereas the hot weather in southern and central regions caused significant damages to local farmers.  The late crops were developing intensively but soil droughts changed the situation.

For example, almost 75% of grain and pulses crops were lost in the Bolgrad district of Odesa region due to severe droughts.  More than 47 thousand hectares of winter cereals and pulses have been sown in the region. 35.5 thousand hectares or 75% of this volume have been lost. Crops can be harvested only from 12.2 thousand hectares.