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Chickpeas Protein

Chickpeas Protein

The world’s first textured chickpea protein has been recently commercialized in USA. The protein provides plant-based meat formulators with a Non-GMO protein source that rivals soy and peas in the functionality and nutrition stakes.

Finding more scalable sources of protein suitable for plant-based meat production is arguably the biggest challenge facing the industry today. The Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are among the biggest players on the market, complain about the limited toolbox available to plant-based meat formulators.

So, could chickpeas protein replace or be as big as pea or soy protein? Well, considering all present patents, technologies, the process that is able to be fully transferable as needed to some regions around the world and finally the fact that chickpeas are grown globally in different areas which is crucial logistics-wise we can confidently assert – yes, absolutely.

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