Exports of agricultural products



According to the Ukrainian Ministry for Economy, Trade and Agriculture Development, Ukrainian farmers have started the sowing of early spring crops.  Nevertheless, sowing campaign in Ukraine started a little later than last year. Unstable weather with temperature fluctuations and precipitation delayed the sowing of spring crops.

As of 25 March, agriproducers in Kherson, Donetsk, Zakarpattia and Mykolaiiv regions sowed 106.3 thou. ha, or 1% of the planned areas. In particular, farmers in Kherson region sowed spring crops on 97.6 thousand hectares (58% of the forecast), including barley on 84.1 thousand hectares (89%), peas on 9.9 thousand hectares, wheat on 1.82 thousand hectares, and oats on 1.75 thousand hectares.

According to preliminary data, the area of crops in all categories of farms for the 2021 harvest is expected to be within 28.1 million hectares, or 378 thousand hectares more than in 2020.

The area under grain crops in all categories of farms could total 15.5 million hectares, or 55% in the structure of sown areas, which corresponds to the optimal crop ratio in crop rotations.  As expected, farmers will sow spring grain crops on the area of 7.6 million hectares, sunflower on 5.4 million hectares and soybeans on 1.4 million hectares.