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Spring Frost

Spring Frost

The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS) says that losses of winter grains for the 2020 harvest in Ukraine may reach 15%-25% because of spring frosts.

Barley and some winter crops suffer this cold weather to a certain extent. Farmers who sowed barley too early may incur losses as well. Some varieties of winter wheat, which are neither of domestic selection nor accustomed to our conditions are also in poor shape now.

Some experts stressed that the harvest will depend on the frost resistance of crop varieties, as well as on technology farmers apply. Most varieties, especially of Ukrainian breed, can withstand such adverse conditions. Therefore, we assume that the winter group will ensure yields not lower than the average. But some experts predict that the shortfall may reach 15%-25% since spring frosty weather led to late vegetation and plants reduced the intensity of growth and development.

Although rains in early May will improve the situation with the harvest of almost all crops after a dry spring and an almost snowless winter.