Sugar: Export & Wholesale Trade

We deliver high-quality Ukrainian beet sugar to wholesale customers worldwide at reasonable rates.

The export of sugar from GoldEхim

GoldExim is a Ukrainian company that specializes in supplying a variety of agricultural products worldwide. We export high-quality beet sugar, which is one of the major products produced in Ukraine. We buy sugar directly from the local producers we have been partnering with for a long time, and can trust them.

At GoldExim, we implement cutting-edge techniques of quality testing and packaging, which ensures excellent quality of the product when it arrives for our overseas customers. The sugar we offer is manufactured from the best Ukrainian beets.


Facts about sugar

Table sugar comes from different plant sources, including sugarcane, sugar maple, date palm and sugar beets.

In Ukraine, sugar is traditionally produced from sugar beets, plants whose roots have a large concentration of sucrose. Beet sugar has a high nutritional value and can maintain its initial quality for a long time. In addition to bringing sweetness, beet sugar has many other functions in foods: it helps provide taste, texture and colour, extend shelf-life, and ensure safety.

Sugar provides a source of energy required by the body to function. Many types of sugars like glucose, fructose, sucrose, and lactose are found in the diet on a daily basis, and the human body does not differentiate between sugars naturally present in foods and added sugars.

What we do

We cover the entire supply chain from the farm gate to the customer.

We supply our customers with quality agricultural commodities sourced directly from producers.

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With our own processing facilities, we can process products to the exact specifications of our consumers.

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Our storage and handling assets ensure that produce maintains its quality.

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We use a variety of packaging that helps us deliver products in the most convenient way without any loss.

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We offer premium seed at competitive rates that deliver results.

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Our team is experienced in international trade procedures.

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