Exports of agricultural products


Gold Exim exports walnuts.

Among the products that the company GoldExim exports (product line for export include oil and legumes, beans and vegetables) are also and walnuts. Nuts exports to Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania.

The highest quality of walnuts for export.

Walnuts without shell for export (kernel) is already cleaned and sorted according to type (halves or quarters). Purity is almost 100%, and only 5% of the product has minor damage.

In-shell walnuts also have the purity of almost 100%, and allowed only a small fraction of the damage.

Specialists control all parameters - radiological, phytosanitary, purity, moisture. They are presented in accordance with state standards, so the customer receives only high-quality product - walnuts for export.

The company exports walnut which is only of domestic origin and current year harvest. This is a key to obtaining fresh product.

All customers have long-lasting partnership ties with GoldExim, and in addition, the company is constantly improving existing partnerships and is also looking for new partners.